Our two Johns Hopkins trained surgeons work collaboratively with a talented team to provide comprehensive care, from diagnosis & evaluation to treatment and follow up. As board certified Otolaryngologists, they treat conditions ranging from sinusitis & allergies to hearing loss & dizziness to voice & swallowing disorders. In addition, they have over 35 combined years of surgical experience, including facial plastics and reconstruction. 

Our patients range in age from 2 days old to 102 years old! All ages are welcome.

Diagnosis Through Treatment

Tens of thousands of patients have placed their trust in Atlantic ENT. They appreciate our approach to patient care and knowledge and skill in diagnosis and evaluation. Over the years, we have expanded our service offerings by request so you can feel confident in your treatment recommendations. These recommendations are always thoughtfully considered, and can include medication, therapy, additional testing, and surgery. Follow up including post operative care is always part of the plan.


end to end services

In House Testing & Evaluation

At Atlantic ENT, we have state of the art equipment to offer testing in our office for same day results and evaluations in most cases for your convenience. For example, we offer CT scans, hearing tests, balance testing, 38-point allergy skin testing, videostroboscopy, speech evaluations, and swallowing evaluations. In addition, we can perform many procedures in office, such as earwax removal, fiberoptic laryngoscopy and balloon sinuplasty. 

Customized Treatment Options

Each patient’s needs are carefully considered when recommending a treatment. For example, our audiologist customize and fit digital hearing aids according to a patient’s specific test results. Our allergy nurses prepare at home allergy drops (SLIT) based upon a patient’s specific sensitivity level to allergens. Our speech pathologists devise therapy programs that are specific to each patient. Our vast expertise and knowledge can help guide patients to the appropriate option. 

Other Services

Contact us at (386) 774 – 9880, option 7 if you have a need for independent evaluations such as: 

    • Second Opinions
    • Independent Medical Examination (IME)
    • Workers’ Compensation Evaluations
    • Medical Records Review
we treat everyone!