A New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Voice

With the new year right around the corner, too, you’re probably planning your resolutions. Why not keep your voice healthy in the new year? You can start now with a few easy choices:

  • Focus on your breathing: Breathing powers the voice, and good breathing patterns are beneficial for both speaking and singing voices.
  • Manage medical issues that can affect the voice: Care for any acid reflux issues, not just during the holidays, but throughout the year. Have allergies and asthma treated. If any medicine you take dries you out, make sure to drink extra water.
  • Eliminate vocal trauma: Try to avoid yelling or screaming, talking loudly over background noise, and chronic throat clearing.
  • Manage stress: Our emotional and vocal systems have some neurological connections, and stress can negatively impact the voice. It can also exacerbate acid reflux.

“By making smart choices about how you use, rest, and care for your voice you will absolutely be able to survive the holiday season with your voice intact and stay in good vocal health for the New Year, too.


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