June is National Dysphagia Awareness Month

A person with dysphagia may experience difficulty swallowing food, liquid and/or saliva. Some individuals may be unable to swallow at all. Dysphagia occurs when there is a problem with any part of the swallowing process from the mouth to the stomach.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you may have dysphagia:

  1. Has your swallowing problem caused unintentional weight loss?
  2. Does your swallowing problem interfere with the ability to go out for meals?
  3. Does swallowing liquids take extra effort?
  4. Does swallowing solids take extra effort?
  5. Does swallowing pills take extra effort?
  6. Is swallowing is painful?
  7. Has the pleasure of eating been affected by your swallowing?
  8. When you swallow, does food stick in your throat?
  9. Do you cough while you are eating?
  10. Is swallowing is stressful?
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