Same Day CT Results

CT scans, performed in conjunction with a head and neck examination and sinus endoscopy, are used to obtain detailed images that assist our Otolaryngologists with diagnosing and treating medical conditions. A diagnosis determined by CT scanning may eliminate or support the need for surgery and how it should be done. Common indications for a CT Scan of the Sinus include, but are not limited to; suspicion of sinus disease, chronic sinus infections, structural abnormalities, and nasal polyps. Typical indications for a CT Scan of the Temporal Bone include, but are not limited to; evaluation of certain types of hearing loss, chronic ear infections, ear pain, trauma and growths in the ear.


Atlantic Ear, Nose & Throat is IAC accredited for CT Scan of the Sinus and CT Scan of the Temporal Bone. Our Xoran MiniCAT™ is specifically designed for the sinuses and ears. For the safety of our patients, the radiation dose with our MiniCAT™ is a much lower dose (up to 1/20th lower) than sinus and ear scans taken on a full-body CT scanner at other imaging facilities.  Our in-office CT scans are performed in less than 40 seconds with the patient seated rather than lying down on their back or stomach. The results are interpreted by Johns Hopkins trained, board-certified Otolaryngologists, who are specialized in reading CT scans of the ear and sinuses. For our patient’s convenience, our physicians are able to review the images immediately and recommend a plan of care all during the same visit.  The patient does not have to travel to another location for testing so there is no delay in diagnosis and treatment.

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