Medications vs. SLIT

Are allergy medications relieving me of my allergies?
While allergy medications are effective at minimizing many symptoms of allergies – congestion, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, hives, and post-nasal drip – they do just that, minimize symptoms. In other words, they do a wonderful job of masking the problem without ever truly fixing it. Unlike these medications, the only scientifically proven treatment to address the underlying cause of allergies is immunotherapy.

What is immunotherapy and how does it work?
Immunotherapy is the only form of treatment proven to address the root cause of allergies – the immune system’s inappropriate sensitivity to certain environmental stimuli. The substances that trigger a person’s allergies are called allergens. With immunotherapy, small amounts of these allergens are delivered sublingually (under the tongue) to alter the person’s immunity. The end-goal is to develop a tolerance to the allergens causing the unpleasant symptoms. The best part about sublingual immunotherapy is that it can be self-administered at home by the patient. It is both an easy and safe treatment to comply with and is even highly effective with children.

Am I a candidate for treatment?
Most people with allergies are candidates for immunotherapy and simply aren’t aware that it is an option. For those whose allergies prevent them from living a full and productive life, immunotherapy provides an effective, safe, and cost-effective solution for people of all ages. Come in for your personalized allergy test with Atlantic ENT and let us help you stop masking those allergens for good!

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