The larynx, or voice box, plays an integral role in assessing changes with voice production, breathing and swallowing.

As such, there are a multitude of symptoms that could be related to changes involving this structure, such as hoarseness, weak voice, decreased vocal range in singers, throat tightness, sensation of something stuck in the throat, frequent throat clearing, cough, shortness of breath, need for forceful swallowing, pills getting stuck when swallowing, and liquids “going down the wrong tube” when swallowing.

We offer several diagnostic tests, performed either by our medical providers or our speech~language pathologists, that help to identify causes of these symptoms. A fiber-optic laryngoscopy is performed by a medical provider upon your visit to our office.

This is a quick, safe, and typically well-tolerated procedure that helps to identify changes to the voice box area such as inflammation, dysfunction of the vocal cords, or even masses in the throat or voice box area that are unable to be seen upon routine physical examinations.

If needed, a medical provider may refer you to one of our speech~language pathologists for a videostroboscopy or fiber-optic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES), which are more detailed examinations of the throat and voice box area that help to identify both physical and functional changes that may not be appreciated upon fiber-optic laryngoscopy.

Based on the results of these tests, you may be recommended to continue following up with our speech~language pathologists for either speech or swallow therapy, which is customized to your specific needs.

Our providers also offer SPEAK OUT!® voice and swallow therapy and The LOUD Crowd® exercise group, which is a two-part program developed for patients with Parkinson’s disease.