Prepare for your new patient visit

  • Bring your competed Atlantic ENT registration forms. Click here for the forms.
  • Bring your Health Insurance card or information and a Valid Photo ID.
  • Bring a list of all medications you are currently taking.
  • Bring a copy of any medical records specific to the condition we are seeing
    you for; e.g., Sleep Studies, X-Rays, CT Scans (please bring the actual films
    on a disk if possible along with the report).
  • Bring a family member to take notes and help with questions especially
    if there is hearing loss, speech barrier or if patient is coming from a nursing home.
  • Bring written parental authorization if someone other than the legal guardian
    accompanies a child 0-18 years of age. Click here for the Minor Consent Form.
  • Bring your insurance referral (if required to see a specialist by your insurance plan).
  • Understand your insurance benefits and come prepared to pay your insurance
    co-pay, and/or deductible and co-insurance.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time. Don’t create more stress for
    yourself by scheduling something else right on the heels
    of your new patient appointment.

If your insurance requires a referral for your visit to a specialist,
you are responsible for obtaining the referral and seeing that it reaches
our office before your appointment.
We ask that you have your referring provider send any
documentation, test results, etc. that will help our providers
understand what they are to evaluate during your visit.

We participate with most major insurance plans.
Please check with your insurance company to make sure that our physicians
are listed on your plan.
You need to understand your benefits.  Do you have a deductible that must be met?
Do you have a co-pay to see a specialist?  Could the condition for which you are seeking
treatment be considered pre-existing?  Please note that we collect insurance co-pays and deductibles at the time of your visit.

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