Conditions that effect ear function can be as minor as wax buildup or as serious as congenital deafness.

Ear problems can present in a variety of ways, including fullness, pain, itching, and noise in the ears, hearing loss, and episodic spinning sensations (vertigo).

Many of these symptoms indicate a problem with the outer, middle or inner ear structures; however, ear symptoms can also be an indicator of other problems, such as jaw-joint inflammation or even certain head and neck cancers. Along with physical examination performed by our medical providers, we also offer multiple diagnostic tests, such as videonystagmograms (VNG) and audiograms (hearing tests), to aid in the identification of certain ear conditions.

Our audiologists also offer digital hearing aid fittings and adjustments, swim molds and custom earplugs.

Atlantic ENT offers comprehensive care because our providers work very closely with our audiologists in order to assure that a patient’s hearing needs are being met.