Helpful Hints for a Healthy Voice

Increase fluid intake, 6-8 glasses of water is recommended daily (unless you are receiving dialysis and have fluid restrictions). Drinking water-based beverages improves the lubrication of the vocal folds by raising internal humidity and thinning secretions in the larynx (voice box) that can reduce friction during the vibration of the vocal folds.

Minimize caffeine and alcohol intake. These can dry out the vocal folds and/or create thick mucus.

Frequent throat clearing or coughing can be injurious to the vocal folds. Avoid throat clearing, try sipping water instead.

Excessive cough, mucus production, or throat clearing may be an indication of an underlying disorder such as Laryngopharyngeal Reflux.

Get plenty of sleep. Fatigue can cause the voice to sound hoarse.

Use plenty of breath support. Your lungs are the generator of the voice.

Do not speak in sentences that are too long. This causes you to vocalize with inadequate breath support at the end of your air stream. Using shorter sentences with a deep breath in between optimizes breath support.

Avoid menthol throat lozenges/cough drops. These can dry the throat.

Avoid smoking, people who smoke, and noxious fumes. These are irritating and damaging to the vocal folds.

Be aware of background noise. Raising your voice above others in a loud environment can cause straining and vocal abuse.

Watch volumes and posture of head/neck while on the telephone. This can cause uneven pressure and strain on the vocal folds.

Avoid whispering, it causes more vocal strain.

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