How to Clean Hearing Aids

Cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids is an important part of supporting our patients. Due to COVID-19, we have updated our guidelines on how to safely and effectively clean hearing aids:

  • Wear gloves when cleaning your hearing aids
  • When handling behind-the-ear hearing aids, clean the hearing aid surface with wet wipes that don’t contain alcohol. This is because they are coated with a hydrophobic coating that is sensitive to alcohol.
  • For in-the-ear hearing aids, all kinds of wet wipes can be used for cleaning the hearing aids’ surface.
  • An alternative to wet wipes is cleaning with a mild soap solution on a hard-twisted cotton cloth. Avoid using excess water that can enter the hearing aids.
  • After cleaning, discard the gloves and wash your hands carefully with soap and water or with a suitable alcohol disinfectant.
  • Allow your cleaned hearing aids dry for one hour.
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