The Benefits of a Clean Desk

There are a number of benefits that come from keeping a clean desk. You’ll look more professional and you’ll save time not looking for a misplaced invoice or meeting notes. Aside from workplace benefits,studies show a well-organized desk also has some psychological perks.

These include:

-More likely to make healthier food choices

-Improve mental stability

-Increase productivity

-More likely to sleep better

-Improve focus

-Reduce stress

If you’re a stickler for all things tidy, a messy desk will only stress you out. Being too stressed can decrease your productivity, make falling asleep harder, and increase your chance of grabbing that tub of ice cream. Turn things around by cleaning your desk.

How to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized:

Now that you’ve decided on having a clean work environment, how do you tackle the mess? Follow these simple tips:

  1. Have a junk tray– Throughout the day, you’re bound to have a lot of papers or files land on your desk. When that happens, place them all in one tray, and go through them whenever you have time.
  2. Discard what you don’t need– When going through your pile of papers, recycle what you don’t need and file the things you do.
  3. Color code your papers or folders– You’ll find documents faster when they’re in a designated spot.
  4. Label your storage– By labeling your storage, you’ll know where invoices or homework assignments are right away.

Disinfect your keyboard, phone, mouse, and desk– A study funded by The Clorox Company found that keyboards and office desks have more germs than most toilet seats. You can stay healthy by wiping down your workspace daily.

Create a designated spot for tools– Scissors, pens, pencils, staplers, highlighters, paper clips, etc. all deserve their own spot. Whether it’s a pencil holder, desk organizer, or paper tray, make sure everything has a place.

Clean daily– At the end of every work day, take 5 to 7 minutes to tidy up. You’ll be amazed at how long your desk can stay organized just by staying on top of things.

Some days are hectic, and you might not have time to tidy up. But once you’ve taken the time to clean your desk, it’s important to try and keep it that way.


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