Fight Back Against Your Allergies

Rather than suffer through allergy season, many people are choosing to fight back using immunotherapy, a treatment that works to boost your immune system and change the way your body responds to allergens. This treatment involves gradually introducing small amounts of what you’re allergic to. This slow introduction helps to build a healthy immune response and tells your body: “This is no big deal. Quit overreacting!”

Treatment in the Comfort of Your Own Home

A new therapy, known as sublingual immunotherapy, does not require frequent doctors’ appointments or supervision. Sublingual immunotherapy involves daily administration of allergy drops given at home. The patient is treated with the allergens he or she is sensitized to, and over time, he or she becomes more tolerant of those allergens. This means the patient will require less allergy medication and have fewer allergy symptoms.

Sublingual immunotherapy, which means “under-the-tongue therapy,” allows you to place drops under your tongue each day from the comfort of your own home. No weekly appointments are required, and no doctor supervision is needed after each treatment. Sublingual immunotherapy is a great option for children too, for whom treatment has shown to be safe and effective.

How to Get Started with Sublingual Immunotherapy

Once your allergy test is completed and your ENT knows exactly what you’re allergic to, a custom blend of drops is created. Allergic to cats? No problem. Allergic to dust? You’re covered.

If you’ve been plagued by allergies all of your life, you may find relief through sublingual immunotherapy. This treatment is a painless and more convenient option compared to traditional shots. It gives your body the tools it needs to fight back against your worst allergies.

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