Mrs. Taylor’s Veterans Day Bio

Happy Veterans Day. We would like to recognize and honor all those who have served our country. In particular, we would like to recognize and thank Mrs. Taylor for her service. We are proud of you Mrs. Taylor!

Mrs. Natasha Taylor joined our practice in 2003, she has been a practicing, NCCPA board certified, physician assistant for 21 years.

Natasha was raised in a military family where her father served for 27 years in the U.S. Army.

While she knew from a very early age that a career in medicine would be her path, it wasn’t until her completion of nursing school that the urge to travel and serve her country seemed a natural fit. Already familiar with the rigors of life in the military, she quickly transitioned from civilian nurse to Lieutenant in the Air Force Nurse Corps where she served for 4 years on active duty during Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

Honorably discharged following her service at the rank of Captain at David Grant USAF Medical Center on Travis AFB, California, Mrs. Taylor returned to Florida where she continued working in ER/Trauma settings for two years in Jacksonville before attending the University of Florida’s Physician Assistant program in Gainesville.

Mrs. Taylor’s family has a long history of members serving on active duty that not only includes her service and that of her father but her brother also served on active duty in the Air Force. In addition to this, she married in to a family where military service extends back nearly 5 generations.

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