Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Voice

For some people, untreated hearing loss may actually influence and change the way their voice sounds all together — to themselves and to others. Patients with hearing loss can also develop a flat tone to their voice with little modulation or inflection as they are not able to properly listen to their own voice.

Untreated hearing loss can influence the perceived intensity or volume at which they talk. Someone’s own voice sounds soft to them, and as they speak louder with increased effort to compensate for it, the “inside voice” becomes the “outside voice.” In short, shouting is now speaking. This is something many may not realize they are doing.


Other common voice problems include:

  • hoarseness
  • roughness
  • a high pitch voice
  • vocal strain
  • breathiness
  • flat or monotone voice
  • absence of rhythm
  • vocal fatigue
  • reduced volume
  • loudness with excessive variation
  • unbalanced resonance
  • altered breathing pattern
  • imprecise articulation/slurred speech


If hearing loss is suspected, audiometric testing may be recommended to assess the function of your ears. Consult with your provider or call our office to schedule an appointment at (386) 774-9880.

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