Voice Quiz

Do any of these statements about your voice sound familiar?

  1. I run out of air when I talk.
    2. The sound of my voice varies throughout the day.
    3.   My voice sounds creaky and dry.
    4.   I use a great deal of effort to speak.
    5.   My voice “gives out” in the middle of speaking.
    6.   I am less outgoing because of my voice.
    7.   I use the phone less often than I would like.
    8.   I notice that I am frequently clearing my throat.
    9.   My voice draws attention to itself and it bothers me.
    10. I notice that coughing increases the more I speak.

Many of these concerns are treatable. Answering “yes” to any of the items may indicate a medical issue. Our physician & speech-language pathology team can evaluate and treat these concerns through sophisticated video-imaging & customized therapy plans.

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