January is International Quality of Life Month

Here are some key points about the impact of the use of  hearing aids on quality of life:

  • Hearing aids improve overall quality of life for most users
  • Hearing aid users enjoy better overall health than non-users
  • Hearing aid users are perceived by their families to have better cognitive functioning than non-users and to be less introverted
  • The most beneficial effects of hearing aids are found in the users’ social lives, taking part in group activities, and family relationships
  • Hearing impaired people with hearing aids have greater self-confidence, stronger self-image and better communicative functioning, resulting in overall higher self-esteem, than those without aids
  • Hearing aids help to reduce deterioration in psychological functioning as a result of hearing impairment
  • Hearing aids can reverse social, emotional and communication dysfunctions caused by hearing impairment
  • Hearing aid users are more likely than non-users to engage in activities involving other people
  • Hearing aids improve most aspects of emotional life and hearing aid users have greater warmth and less negativity in personal relationships than non-users
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